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1. Imagine that you and your spouse are looking for a suitable marriage partner for your twenty-something son/daughter. S/he has agreed to accept your choice of mate, provided you make your selection on the basis of existing scientific research about the kinds of variables that influence attraction, commitment, and relationship success. Using what you?ve learned from lectures and the text (a) describe the 5 (five) main attributes you would look for in a prospective mate for your son/daughter, indicating clearly why you consider each attribute important (20 pts or 4 points each). Also, considering the viewpoints mentioned in the video on arranged marriages, what do you think are the odds that your child?s ?arranged marriage? will succeed (hint: there is a NUMBER from the video I?ll be looking for here, in addition to an explanation concerning why arranged marriages appear to be as successful as they are)? Explain your answer (5 pts). Be sure your choice of variables includes variables that influence EACH of the following three aspects of relationships: attraction, commitment, and relationship success.

2. You?ve survived the zombie apocalypse but, alas, your longtime love and husband, Mr. Darcy, has not. Use what you?ve learned about interpersonal relationships in this course to make an argument for why you should lop off Mr. Darcy?s head with your katana and end his miserable existence or keep him locked in the stables on a short leash until someone develops a way to cure ?unmentionables? of their dreadful disease. It?s your choice which side to argue, but in either case, use your knowledge of (a) relationship dissolution, (b) the need to belong, (c) love and loss in old age (you?re not old yet, but you hope to live long enough?thanks to your skills in the deadly arts?to be old some day!), (d) conflict in relationships, and (e) interdependence theory to justify your decision

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