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1. Visit the Rayid model website: http://www.rayid.com/images/IC-002.jpg and answer the following questions:
a) What do you think about the Rayid Model?
b) Have a close look at your eyes in the mirror. Based on what you see, which ‘type’ do you think you are? Eg. Shaker/Flower. Do you agree with the descriptions?
c) Ask someone if you can examine his or her eyes. Can you see if they are left or right brain dominant?

2. Research Bach flower essences.
a. a) What are they and who uses them?
b. b) Why would Jamie be recommended to take Crab Apple? Describe the characteristics of the essence.
c. c) What other types of flower essences are there? Briefly describe their uses and country of origin. ?
3. The Japanese diet (http://www.mhlw.go.jp/bunya/kenkou/pdf/eiyou-syokuji5.pdf ) uses a ‘spinning top’ image instead but the Mediterranean diet (http://oldwayspt.org/resources/heritage-pyramids/mediterranean-pyramid/overview ) still uses the traditional food pyramid.
a) From observing the various types of ways governments are encouraging people to eat better, which technique do you think is most beneficial and why?
b) List some reasons why you think the food pyramid is not as popular as before.

4. 4. Think about your own experience of a therapist consultation. Compare and contrast the experience to the idea of a holistic consultation. ?
4. 5. What factors do you think should be taken into consideration for a consultation length? ?
6. 6. Visit http://www.satmya.ie/dosha-quiz/ and take the Dosha quiz. Write about your result and how that applies to your current diet and lifestyle. Is it something that resonates with you? ?
6. 7. What do you see as the main advantage of categorising people into one of three Dosha areas? List two points for and against. ?

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