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1.Who makes the decisions in the family holiday-taking decision-making process? Critically evaluate this question by means of a detailed literature review.
this is the reading list for start the essay.
Bronner, F., and R. de Hoog. (2008). “Agreement and disagreement in family vacation decision-making”. Tourism Management, 29: 967-979.
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Wang, K-C., Hsieh, A-T., Yeh, Y-C., and C-W. Tsai. (2004). “Who is the decision-maker: the parents or the child in group package tours?” Tourism Management, 25(2): 183-194.

Remember alongside the recommended reading list for the module we have access to excellent journal coverage. I would encourage you to consider articles published in:

1.Tourism Management
2.Annals of Tourism Research
3.Journal of Travel Research
4.Journal of Sustainable Tourism
5.International Journal of Tourism Research
6.Current Issues in Tourism

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