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2. Creative Industries Presentation
Format: Presentation
Submission Format: Class Presentation
Working format: Individual
Type: Presentation
Learning Outcomes
K3: Identify key players in the creative media industries and discuss their interplay with
wider cultural, economical, political and geographical phenomena;
S3: Apply the most appropriate method of learning in a given scenario and adapt learning
methods when needed.
S4: Discuss culture and communication in different media disciplines (audio, picture, film,
In this assessment you should carry out an analytical discussion of a significant
work/production in your own discipline : MUSIC BUSINESS, which is accessible on the digital content
provider of your choice :
ex :
• Amazon Vimeo
• Bandcamp • Indiegala • Ponoko • YouTube
• BBC iPlayer • iTunes • Shapeways
• Blinkbox • Spotify

Here, students should present their current ideas byconsidering its artistic and production characteristics.

! Students must prepare a one page handout for the presentation;
! Clearly present a major work in your own discipline : MUSIC BUSINESS, which is accessible on the digital
content provider chosen and discuss your current ideas
! A consideration of aesthetic and technological characteristics of the major work;
! Source quotes and other materials (pictures, charts, music etc.) from a variety of
sources should be used to support the analysis;
! All sources used must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System;
Assessment Criteria
! Clearly defined topic;
! Demonstration of a good knowledge of the subject;
! Insightful analysis/discussion of the topic;
! Clear and concise introduction and conclusion;
! Referencing and citation;
! Clear and effective presentation style;
! Presentation structure and timing.

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