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4 PRO511 Landlord and Tenant
The coursework is based on copies of 3 of the leases which can be accessed via blackboard (namely, Unit 2 Milbanke Court Milbanke Way, Bracknell, Grantley House, Park Lane Cranford, Middlesex and the draft “Typical commercial lease.)
Questions (Answer ALL questions)

1. Explain and discuss the main differences between the Leases for Unit 2 Milbanke Court and Grantley House. This explanation should include comments on differences, if any, in the security of tenure of the leases, repairing clauses, alteration clauses, alienation clauses and any rent review provisions.

2. Consider whether there are any clauses in the “Typical Commercial lease which are NOT in either of the other leases and explain the effect that these clause have on the occupier.

3. Explain and discuss the rent review clause in the Grantley House lease. This explanation should include discussion on whether time is of the essence, the hypothetical assumptions including the length of the assumed term and a discussion on the difference between an Arbitrator and Independent Expert referral in commercial rent review clauses

For each questions you need to support your answers with clear reasons and references to both Case Law and Statute Law, where appropriate.

You can make assumptions where relevant but you must clearly state all assumptions you make.

The hand in date for the coursework is 12th November 2015 Students who hand in work later will be penalised in the marking, which will form part of the final assessment for this module.
This coursework must be submitted electronically via Turnitin.
The total word count (the aggregate for all parts of the coursework – ie NOT per part) should be in the region of 2000 words; there is no specific limit on word-count, but if you find you are writing far in excess of 2000 words then carefully check the relevance of all you have written.
Assessment Criteria

1. Capacity for logical argument and clarity of thought and expression;

2. Ability to select and judiciously use source material, including statute and case law

3. Depth of research and understanding of legal principles and the authority for them, and how they are applied.

Using the performance criteria above, indicate what you consider to be an appropriate percentage mark for your work.

Name: Self assessment %

Particular problems encountered …..

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