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Could you please write an essay answering the seven attached questions. The answer to each question should be 200 words. All the information should be from the book that I​ attached its name as well.

1) Gender relations in China and India
Instructions: Remember that comparison involves two steps, the identification of key
features and the assessment of the degree of similarity or difference between these
Fill in the grid, on roles and statuses of women:
Differences: China only
Differences: India only
Similarities: common to both
2) Comparing with other civilizations, identify main features of Chinese civilization?
3) Compare and contrast the Mesopotamian with the Egyptian civilizations.
4) Compare the Islamic Middle East and China.
Students have already been introduced to social, political, cultural, and economic
categories for grouping information about one society.
Islamic Middle East: Main features (social, cultural, economic and political) (the chart
asks for highlights in each category)
China: use the chart to compare similarities in each category
China: use the chart to note differences in each category
5) What were the main similarities and differences between Islam and Buddhism?
Between Islam and Christianity?
6) How did European feudalism compare to Japanese feudalism, in values and in
political structure?
7) Compare Christian and Islamic ideas of holy war. How were the crusades different
from the encounter with the Mongols?

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