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Huracan Katrina Awaken the Nation’s Economic Development

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From the Following thesis craft an engineering critique essay not to exceed 2 pages that supports it.

“The multi-billion dollar federal investment in post-Katrina flood protection for the City of New Orleans will benefit our nation’s future economic development.”

• Use at least one other devastating storm/flood case in history to compare, contrast, and support your chosen thesis statement.

• Include discussion of New Orleans civil engineering infrastructure in your essay.

• Make sure to address social, scientific, and symbolic perspectives in your argument.

• Provide ASCE formatted references in the text, for example (Moen et al. 2014) and a complete reference list at the end (does not count in the two pages) https://library.canterbury.ac.nz/services/ref/asce.shtml

The homework will be graded on the clarity of presentation, the depth of your thoughts, the strength of logic and use of references in supporting your critique, and the extent to which you provide meaningful details and supporting facts

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