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Article Review on Political Economy of Inter-American Relations

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•Summary of article/chapter should be provided but the reading reviews should focus on: ?Critique (relate the chosen reading to other readings or other possible arguments, compare and contrast, discuss weakness and strengths)
?Analysis (engage with the substance of the argument; explain and describe)
?Evaluation (reflect on issues/arguments, interpret)

Third-party materials may be subject to copyright protection. They have
been reproduced under licence, through the public domain, and/or under the
Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act as enumerated in SFU Appendix
R30.04A—Applications of Fair Dealing under Policy R30. You may not
distribute, email, or otherwise communicate these materials to any other
Every effort has been made to trace ownership of copyrighted materials and
to secure permission from copyright holders when necessary. In the event
that questions arise pertaining to the use of these materials, we will be

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