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A critical analysis of contemporary economics issues informed by economic theory and appropriate supporting evidence. research summary


1. provide a snapshot ofthe Australian Higher Education.

2.a description ofthe relevant economic model.

3.a critical analysis ofthe key arguments.

Your report should also include both an introduction and conclusion. The

length ofthese should be in proportion to the length ofthe narrative being written (approximately 150 words for both). Note that the above
word counts are a starting point. Your actual word count for each section will be specific to your individual assessment (informed by the weighting in the criteria reference assessment table at the end ofthis document). Presentation and submission It is expected that you will present your document in the form of a short essay

Have knowledge and skills pertinent to a particular discipline (KS)

1.1 Integrate and apply disciplinary theory and skills to practical situations Be critical thinkers and effective problem solvers (CTA)

2.1 Identify, research and critically analyse information relevant to a business problem or issue, be able to synthesise that information in orderto
evaluate potential solutions, make recommendations or otherwise effectively address the problem or issue. Be professional communicators inan intercultural context (PC)

3.1 Communicate effectively through written tasks appropriate to varied contexts and audiences

Be able to work effectively in a Team Environment (‘l’VV)

4.1 Demonstrate effective team skills in orderto contribute appropriately to the production of

a group output Have a Social and Ethical Understanding (SEU)

5.1 Apply ethical reasoning, standards or codes of practice relevant to the

discipline and make decisions that are informed by social and cultural understanding

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