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A midsummer nights dream” William Shakespeare: the sceneries of the plays on stage compared to the sceneries in the films produced.
A midsummer nights dream uses different techniques to portray the sceneries presented in the play writing, which could be illustrated differently through the films and how it was shown on stage
(this could be changed if needed, but needs the same idea)

i need ten pages MLA style with bibliography OF 4 SOURCES.
look for the sceneries like the background used in different productions on stage and compare them to the ones in the movies. try to concentrate on the sceneries of the fairies forrest. use scholarly resources and talk about the techniques used or different ways in how this play was portrayed through the sceneries. do not talk about the play, research on how the background/sceneries were differently illustrated in these productions.
Movies to use:
“a midsummer nights dream” (1968) directed by Peter hall
“a midsummer nights dream” (1999) directed by Michael Hoffman
“a midsummer nights dream” (1935)
“a midsummer nights dream” (1937) directed by Tyrone Guthrie
“a midsummer nights dream” (1949) directed by Michael Benthall
“a midsummer nights dream” (Royal Shakespeare Company)
you can also research on the stage history of this play.

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