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Unit 4.“A model of career counseling: A case study” and Unit 8. “The application of research in the counseling profession”.

1.     Submit paper “A model of career counseling:  A case study”.  The student chooses a minimum of 1 client with whom career counseling was done. The student produces an analysis of his/her counseling process with the client and suggests improvements and/or modifications to the process. The student should keep in mind that specific career counseling may not be completed with a client, but setting goals for the future may be considered career counseling.  2 pages
To Writer:
I had been treating   this client that wanted to major in Theater and psychology. Due to the fact that he has been accused of watching child pornography I advise him that he can no longer should pursue psychology since it will be hard for him to find a job like this due to the nature of the accusations. I need you (the writer) to come up with some sort of test (assessment) that came up that he is good for movie graphic design. He really like this field.  Please also point out that it has been tough to find any career assessment within LSS since they do not do “Career Assessments”.

2.    Submit paper: “The application of research in the counseling profession”. It is strongly suggested that the student include how s/he will regularly make use of research in their counseling practice. The student should also include which professional journals they currently read, and to which professional organizations they belong.  (ACA and LinkedIn counseling groups). Provide an analysis of the clinical program in which the internship is being conducted, with suggestions for improvement. 2 pages

To Writer:
On the analysis of the program I want you to be tough on them on the lack of bilingual and bicultural counselors and the lack of cultural competency with minority interns and clients.


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