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A case has been brought to the Independent Tribunal for Judge Mathews to determine if plaintives have a case against MYfestival.com event planners for the deliberate endangerment of the public due to inadequate preparation and storage of food used at the Vox8 festival in Coventry August 2008. At the festival 5 people had immediate wheezing, breathing and respiratory difficulties after having lunch at the site market place on the 11th August at midday. These victims all had severe problems within 5 minutes of ingestion of their food stuff and had to be hospitalised in 3 cases. A further 250 people were struck ill within 1 to 5 hrs of eating at several venues on the site. A further 30 people were ill within 1 to 2 days after the festival. In addition a further 25 claim illness within 3 months of the festival. Final verdict to be determined is:- Are the plaintives able to claim compensation from any of the companies involved? and identify who they are able to claim from and why? Mapping to Module Learning Outcomes On completion of this item of coursework you will be able to: 1. Critically evaluate the experiments and analytical requirements that have led to the development of modern instrumental techniques, such as high performance liquid chromatography, high resolution mass spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis, microwave spectroscopy and non-destructive testing. 2. Discuss recent developments and breakthroughs in analysis and cite examples of the monitoring of major environmental disasters, issues within pharmaceutical or food industries, discussing factors which may affect public health via contamination/ pollution and analysis thereof for a variety of industries. 3. Assess the roles of quality control within both chemical and biological fields evaluating both chemical and bacteriological contaminants Expected Student Effort Hours 30-50 hrs Word Limit There is no word limit for the Poster BUT is it suggested that a font size of around 18 (or to be readable from a reasonable distance) is employed. As such this will limit the text used. Examples of posters can be found on the 313bms Moodle site. The following are included in your word allowance:

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