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Site Visitation Assignment Guidelines: Students will attend the worship service of a religious group other than your own and write a 4-page paper that describes and analyzes the site/ritual/performance that you have attended/visited. You are responsible for organizing your own visit. I would advise that you attend the service with some of your classmates, and you may wish to visit the site more than once. (Important: when attending a worship service, remember to observe respectful atmosphere, e.g., wear modest attire, refrain from taking notes during service, etc.). It is a good idea to call ahead and let the minister/rabbi/priest know about your visit and perhaps interview him/her after the service.

1. Field/Background Information: Give the full name, exact address, and religious orientation of the group visited; the date and time of the visit; and the name and type of service/ritual attended (note: you must attach the program or brochure at the end of your paper). Also, include a brief discussion of the historical background (i.e., denominational affiliation) and salient characteristics of the religious tradition visited. (1 page)

2.    Site Description/Sociological Placing: Describe the outside and inside appearance of the building/site; describe the way you were greeted; describe the participants with regard to gender, ethnic background, age, and number present. (1 page)

3.    Description of ritual/activity: If you attend a service/ritual, describe what happened from beginning to end. Try to elicit what the subjective experience of the participants was, and what the emotional tone was. Was the service performed according to a strict set of rules, or was it more spontaneous? Was it joyful or solemn? (1 page)

4. Analysis: Spend at least two pages analyzing your experience with regard to any three of the following topics: the method of teaching/instruction used in the service; the response of the participants to the ritual/service; your own feelings/impressions during the service; how the site/ritual reflected what you understand about the basic beliefs of the tradition in question; and gender roles as they were acted out during the service/performance. (1 page)

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