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Academic and Career Skills (Team working role in the Business Project)

Order Description

Please follow the instructions below:
1. Please use the wide range of references minimum 20 references (primarily from the book)

2. please make sure that this coursework will written by the top 10 writers as I’ve chosen the VIP Package for this coursework

3. Please kindly follow the guidelines document with the comments that I made on that documents.

4. Please make sure that the context will appropriate with the marking scheme (marking scheme will be in the guidelines document)

5. For coursework, please use font size 12 for body text and the typeface (font) should be Arial or Times New Roman with minimum 1.5 spacing. For headers and titles, please use font size 14. Your submission must have standard margins and page numbers.

6. Please read carefully 2 documents ( 1 word document, 1 power point document) that I have attached.

7. and the last please be on time with the deadline, not more than 10 days from now.

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