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For Writing Project 1, your task is to convert that research paper into a piece that appeals to a non-academic audience. You will accomplish that by cutting the clutter, achieving readability targets and targeting the language to a specific audience.

Specifically, you will convert one of the research papers into a newsletter-style story designed to explain the study’s findings to 15-year-old high-school sophomores. Your goal will be to create a piece that captures this audience’s attention, holds it and informs them about this study.

. You will succeed by using the Writing Tools outlined in class and other strategic writing principles.

Apply the concepts of selection and redirection, and compression where needed, to reduce your word count to one that could be read in just a few minutes –– 300 words.
Focus your message on things that help summarize the study and its findings. Cut messages that aren’t supportive of this goal.
Delete long direct quotes and academic references. Paraphrase or use indirect quotes if you must retain the information.
Format and attribute short direct quotes in a way that is consistent with a newsletter story.
Begin your piece with a compelling headline designed to capture attention.
Write a two-sentence, 25-word first paragraph that is designed to get the high schoolers to read the rest of the piece.
Use additional paragraphs to provide more information about the study and its findings. Keep the paragraphs short –– three sentences or less.
Format your work in a 12-point font.
Double space your work.
Achieve the paragraph/sentence/word length and readability goals specified in lecture:
Average paragraph length of 3.0 sentences or less.
Average sentence length of 14.0 words or less.
Average word length of 5.0 characters or less.
Flesch Reading Ease score or 50 or higher.
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of 10th or lower.
Eliminate spelling, grammatical and/or punctuation errors.

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