Advanced Strategic Management

Advanced Strategic Management

Course Code and Title:  BUS 4573 Advanced Strategic Management
Assessment Weight and Title: Project (20% group and 10% individual)
Submission Deadline:

Name of the Course Teacher:
Name of the Course Moderator:
This Assessment and the related Marking Scheme have been pre-moderated and approved by the Course Team Leader/Academic Coordinator of the Business Department according to the following criteria
•    The learning outcomes are covered as indicated in the assessment strategy.
•    The questions are clearly constructed and at an appropriate academic level.
•    The possible marks for each question are clearly stated.
•    The amount of time for the exam is properly allocated.
•    The level of English language is clear and suitable for the course.
•    The marking scheme is clear and detailed
Student’s Score (%):
Academic Format
Reports/Essays submitted must follow the APA (American Psychological Association) the . Formatting and language contribute exactly ten percentage points to the overall grade.
Warning to Students!
Students must submit their own works as assignments, and they cannot copy anybody’s ideas into their work as their own. Direct reference must be made for every paragraph, even if it is only a summary of ideas from somewhere else. By not directly referencing (or providing only non-specific references) a Student commits plagiarism, i.e. submitting somebody else’s work as his own, and faces the possibility of immediate dismissal from ADMC and from all other Colleges of HCT according to the Academic Honesty Policy of HCT. All assignments must be submitted via LMS, where they are tested by anti-plagiarism software, Safe Assign.
Declaration of the Student
At the moment of submission you confirm that this assignment is your original work, and you have referenced all sources of information according to APA Format. You also confirm that you had fully understood the tasks and assessment criteria before submitting this assignment.

Assignment Description
In groups of 3 students, please develop strategic audit and recommendations for the assigned case.  Prepare and present your findings on the assigned date.
The following are the requirements for the written project contents:
1.    Introduce your company and its products/services; capture interest.
2.    Establish the time setting of your case and analysis.  Prepare the strategic plan for the three years 2011 – 2013.
Mission / Vision:
1.    Show existing mission and vision statements
2.    Compare your mission and vision to a leading competitors’ statements
3.    Demonstrate your analysis of mission and vision in terms of 9-factor matrix
4.    Comment on improvements, if necessary.
5.    Demonstrate how the “improved” mission would support the strategies your envision for your firm.
Internal Assessment:
1.    Give your financial ratio analysis in a form of a table, prepared for three years (2008, 2009, 2010).  Highlight especially good and bad ratios.  Do not give definitions of the ratios and do not highlight all the ratios, but DO tell me what those numbers mean.
a)    Sales growth rate
b)    Operating income margin
c)    Net income margin
d)    Administration and marketing expenses divided by total sales
e)    Current ratio
f)    Debt-to-Worth ratio
g)    ROA (return on assets)
h)    EPS (earnings-per-share) if available
2.    Show the firm’s organizational chart found or created based on the available information.  Identify the type of chart as well as good and bad aspects.  Do not give people’s names in the chart.
3.    Discuss whether improvements in the chart are necessary and why.
4.    Show a map locating the firm’s operations.  Discuss in light of strategies you envision.
5.    Identify a marketing strategy the firm uses in terms of good and bad points versus the strategies you envision for your firm.
6.    Prepare IFE matrix with up to 15 strengths and weaknesses; comment on the most important factors and discuss the score.
External Assessment:
1.    Identify and discuss 2 major competitors.
2.    Show your CPM.  Include at least 6 factors and 2 competitors.
3.    Prepare EFE matrix with up to 20 of the firm’s opportunities and threats based on the PEST and Porter’s Five Forces factors; comment on the most important factors and discuss the score.
Strategy Formulation
1.    Show and explain your SWOT matrix with strategies
2.    Show and explain your SPACE matrix, discussing the factors and scores and their meaning.
3.    Show your BCG matrix.  Again, discuss the implications of your findings.
4.    Show your Grand Strategy matrix.  Again, focus on implications after giving the quadrant selection.  Do not simply state “market penetration”, elaborate on what it means and what it entails?
5.    Present your Recommendations page.  This is the most important page of your presentation.  Be specific in terms of both strategies.  Divide your strategies into two groups: 1) existing strategies to be continues and 2) new strategies to be started.

GROUP 2: Savola Group – 2010.  P. 168 – 177 Team Saleh Abdulla


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