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Assignment Protocol
Assignments in excess of 15 pages/2000 words + diagrams and tabulations will be penalised.

B) New Business Model Assignment
The managerial question is to investigate the potential for a new Business Model and what needs to be done to launch it successfully (or why the Business Model should not be pursued at this time).
Here we would recommend you apply the Workshop Business Model materials, especially the 9 Building Blocks of Osterwalder & Pigneur’s Business Model Canvas (your Course text). All 9 Building Blocks should be covered to provide a holistic overview – but you may want to dwell on certain Blocks longer than others.
In outlining your New Business Model you may include analysis from the Manual Sections on the Competitive Environment, Company Strategy, Aspects of Implementation as well as the Workshop materials. You can pull on other MBA courses (especially the SM Course), your own research, experience and references fro

The Management Agenda/Action Plan
Whichever Assignment 1 you select you should finish with a solid section that outlines what to do and how to move forward specifically (i.e.: key actions, milestones, associated costs, resource allocation, responsibility, etc.)m the literature.

please use the following in the references
1.Advanced Strategic Management – Study Guide
2.‘Business Model Generation’ by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur, Wiley 2010

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