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Analytical Reasoning Paper II
Begin by picking a policy issue of concern to you (pay equity for women, balancing the budget, prison reform, legalizing marijuana, protecting religious freedom, U.S. relations with Iran, etc.).
•    You should begin by drawing on newspaper articles and any formal documents of interest (such as scholarly articles, books, published government documents, etc.) to determine where the U.S. currently stands on the policy issue.  What are the policy debates surrounding the issue? Issues are typically multi-faceted, and you should discuss the conflicting views.
•    Next, take a stance on the issue.  What is the best option in your opinion? Why? What are the trade-offs of adopting your position? Who would be unhappy if your policy choice was adopted?  Why?
•    Finally, select two Democratic and Republican presidential primary candidates (4 total).  Make sure to include the candidate you are considering voting for (although you do not need to disclose which one it is).  Where does each candidate stand on the issue?  Based on what you learned, will you vote for a candidate other than the one you initially supported?  New Jersey Primary

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