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Analyze an advertisement from Coca-Cola of your choice by drawing on critical insights from Marx and Debord on the social meaning of the commodity. discuss Marx from Capital Vol. 1, and you must also discuss Debord, Society of the Spectacle.) In your analysis, include a number of their specific contributions, such as use-value and exchange-value, commodity fetishism, spectacle, myth, etc. As you develop your own thesis, put the conceptual contributions of these theorists in conversation and offer critiques. Be sure to include a copy or link of the ‘commercial text’ with your paper. (Analyze the commercial text/image in detail.) This critical thinking paper should not include outside material or your own personal experience. NO additional references needed besides Marx and Debord. Instead, offer an original argument, supported by your own explanation of textual evidence to support your points (i.e., interpret and discuss the meaning of specific scenes, characters, images, textual passages, symbols, cinematic shots and structure, music, etc.) Please remember to give the paper a title that matches it.

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