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An Overview of Current Literacy Pedagogy

The topic for the essay is: An Overview of Current Literacy Pedagogy. Include information about the 4 approaches to pedagogy and incorporate examples of how they would be enacted in a classroom. Also how the teacher would be for each approach and how the students will learn? Also for each pedagogy you must state what it is so explain and discuss it. Also add in the pros and cons of each pedagogy.

The four approaches to pedagogy are: Didactic teaching, Authentic teaching, Functional teaching and critical teaching.

20 references from those listed on the website http://newlearningonline.com/literacies and I will also be giving you a word document with links from the text book to aswell use to get the information and reference. This will be uploaded as a file in my account. You MUST use the website and the links from the textbook.
A high level of academic literacy is expected by my tutor and an EXTENSIVE amount of intext referencing is required. Introduction must have have a thesis statment the statement has to either outline facts or you could have a thesis statement which outlines the value of the pedagogies. Also in the introduction you must define pedagogy and maybe have the influence in the classroom.

It is important that the essay outlines the essence of each pedagogy and the key players. This essay will go through turnitin and my tutor is really strict and a hard marker so please make sure references are correct aswell as intext references and everything is paraphrased right with no plagiarism.

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