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analysing empirical research paper “effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool”
the article is attached

the course work guide :

Identify an empirical research paper. The paper should draw on either a topic or methods (or both) concerned with living in a digital world and belong to the disciplines of media, culture and communication studies.

An empirical paper reports on the findings of a research project. It will typically include information about the kinds of research methods used and an analysis of the findings from the research. The structure of an empirical paper will often include a review of the theory, concepts and previous work in the area, the reasons for conducting the research, a methods section, and an analysis. In empirical papers the type of analysis can take many forms depending on the methods of the research; for example textual analysis, discourse analysis, narrative analysis, or statistical analysis. Empirical papers are also sometimes referred to as mid-level theory or applied theory. They are not purely theoretical, but use the results of research to speak back to the theoretical perspectives that inform a field of research.

Using the ideas presented in the lectures, and on what you have learnt through your critical video reviews, your essay should be a critical review of your chosen paper (2000 wrds). Your review should include a discussion of the theoretical perspective, the research methods, and the findings of the paper, as well as evidence that you have read around the subject and engaged in further reading.

Example essay (won best academic work at the Department Prizes 2013) example essay

Your review should be in Arial pt 10, double spaced, with margins of at least 2.5. Referencing should be used throughout, and the final referenced list should be produced in line with Harvard Referencing (CU Harvard Reference Style Quick Guide,
Your essay should be a critical review of that paper. Your review should include a discussion of the paper’s:

1. Theoretical perspective,

2. Research methods, and

3. Findings

The review should also demonstrate that you

have read around the subject and engaged in further reading
•What were the aims and objectives of the research?

•What was the specific research question being asked?

•What was the theoretical context?

•What research methods were used?

•What were the main research findings?

•What strengths/limitations did the authors identify with their own research?

•What contribution does this research and its findings make to theories of:

You need to identify these!

•How appropriate were the researcher’s methodological choices?

•How might they have improved upon this research?

•What avenues for future research does it suggest?

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