Write the subtitle from each number given.For the last two numbers please develop 3 paragraph each as health care provider.

4- W: V
00-200 word description of the articles basic content.
5- W:
A brief statement about what you felt was the author’s general theme of the article.
6- »W:
A ln’let” statement about what you felt concerning the author’s point of view – Was the presentation
obqectlve and factual or was the presentation subjective and lacking of facts? Explain your
7. Issue Analysis:
Provide a list of the issues presented in the article.
8. Conclusions and Recommendations:
List of author’s conclusions and/or recommendations, as well as your own conclusmns and/or

9. Ageement or Disagreement:
Based on the author’s conclusions and/or recommendations, do you agree ordisagree; prov1de a
brief justification regarding your opinion concerning your agreements and disagreements; use your
professional experience(s) to develop this section, as well as class lecture and readmgs.
Professional Pro’ections:
10 Several paragraphs on what you learned fiom the article and how you W111 apply this. experience.
(negative or positive) in your professional career. What sigmficance does this 1121:2111 fyour stilles
or personal life? How will this information help you in the future? Improve wor er orman. r

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