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Analysis of Advice Given and Received in Acts I and II

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Write the essay below:
Analysis of Advice Given and Received in Acts I and II

There are numerous print and online editions of Shakespeare available.
1. The Folger Shakespeare is an excellent choice.
2. If you are interested in the most scholarly edition, choose the Arden Shakespeare series.
3. If you want to read Hamlet online, I would recommend the version at Shakespeare’s Words Web site because it gives both line numbers and definitions of words not commonly used in modern English.
You can also access Hamlet for free online at any one of the sites listed below:
4. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (mit.edu)
5. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (opensourceshakespeare.org)
Regardless of the version you choose, I strongly recommend that you use a version with line numbers. These will be very helpful when citing your quotations in your papers.
View the following:
• The Simpsons – Hamlet Parody [Video File] [05 min 24 sec]
• Sesame Street: Patrick Stewart Soliloquy on B [Video File] [01 min 26 sec]
This activity assesses your ability to analyze a passage in Shakespeare and translate the language into modern English. Your ability to translate Shakespeare’s English, and work to understanding it on it’s own merits, is instrumental to analyzing and enjoying Hamlet.
Again, this activity depends on your reading Acts I and II with great care. In particular, you should pay attention to where advice is given. Most notably, advice is given in the following passages:
• King Claudius to his step-son, Hamlet: Act I, Scene ii, lines 87 – 117
• Laertes to his sister, Ophelia: Act I, Scene iii, lines 1 – 51
• Polonius to his son, Laetres: Act I, Scene iii, lines 55 – 81
• Polonius to his daughter, Ophelia: Act I, Scene iii, lines 115 – 135
Selecting ONE of these passages, summarize the advice given using modern English. If you need a refresher on summary, please see the brief article in the Purdue Online Writing Center (OWL) on summary.
After selecting and summarizing the text, reflect on the nature of the advice. If the speaker in your selected passage was speaking to you, how would you respond? Would you be offended? Would you take this advice – why or why not?

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