Analysis of Ballmer's tenure at Microsoft

Analysis of Ballmer’s tenure at Microsoft

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CASE STUDY ONE – OPTION 1: ?Read the article “Steve Ballmer Reboots” from Bloomberg Business Week magazine.
?Read the WSJ article “CEO Exit sets Microsoft on New Path”.
?Read this follow-up article from the WSJ.
?Prepare a one to two page written analysis of Ballmer’s tenure at Microsoft. If you need some help getting started, review the questions in your text at the close of Chapter 1. For example on page 23 (in the “Review Questions” and in the “Team Exercise” section) and page 24 at the end of the “Closing Case – Fed Ex’s Successful Internationalization”, and apply some of them to the Microsoft case – particularly question Q4 on the application of managerial functions. NOTE BENE. AS THERE ARE SEVERAL CONTENT FORMATS NOW AVAILABLE THE PAGE NUMBERS MAY BE INCONSISTENT.

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