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analysis of Rodriguez’s discussion of bilingual education

Write a 1500-word rhetorical analysis of Rodriguez’s discussion of bilingual education
and affirmative action in one of the following chapters in Rodriguez’s Hunger of Memory:
“Aria” (Chapter One), “The Achievement of Desire” (Chapter Two), “Complexion”
(Chapter Four), or “Profession” (Chapter Five). What argument does Rodriguez make
about these issues and how does he make it? Assume that you are writing for an
audience of students, faculty, and administrators who could be affected by policies
related to bilingual education and affirmative action.
Tips for getting started
? Use the Guidelines for Rhetorical Analysis to focus your discussion.
? Include some background information about affirmative action, based on your
CQ Researcher summary.
? Discuss the current significance of this issue, based on your Google search.
? Refer to any of our readings on standard English that are relevant to your
? Consider your audience. Rodriguez’s work evokes strong feelings in many
readers. Your analysis should address the complexity of what he says.
Format and requirements
All drafts should be typed and formatted according to MLA guidelines: Times New
Roman, 12 point font, 1” margins.
About sources- one is a book Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez, one should be from American river college library database, and one from any website.

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