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In a 6-page (around 2,500 words) ANALYTICAL REPORT,
IDENTIFY, that is INFORM about, (describe based on your secondary sources [at least 5 sources] AND share your own opinion) the trajectory of success of a company of your choice within your field of study, and
EXPLAIN, that is ANALYZE (evaluate and suggest),
1) how other companies can apply the same strategies of success and tactics to improve their business results AND/OR
2) how you should contribute to the success and mission statement of the company if you were given the opportunity to work for them
You can use a maximum of 2 small Tables or Figures within the 6-page report in order to support your statements with evidence (if you use more than 2, your report should be longer than 6 pages in order to accommodate for the extra space).
Times New Roman or Calibri, 12 pt. size, 1-inch margins, double-spaced (2.0 line space), 0 paragraph space, indented paragraphs (no extra space between paragraphs), References page (APA style) is extra, any appendices are extra, Tables and Figures following APA style, each page numbered (top right corner), use headings to organize information (block letters in bold, aligned left, 12 pt)
title page is extra; it should contain the following:

Don’t forget to start with an introduction that explains the goal(s) and contents of your report, and briefly explains why you’ve chosen a particular company. In the body of your report, you should not only make statements, by provide evidence for and exemplify them. Finally, dedicate a final paragraph to summarize the main points of your report.
Pay particular attention to the university’s policy on plagiarism; you have to cite and quote any verbatim material (do not copy directly from the web… summarize or paraphrase in your own words and cite)

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