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Choosing two official war artists from different time periods and theatres of conflict. Compare and contrast their approaches and the attitudes to war that are reflected in their work. One of these two artist MUST be AUSTRALIAN ARTIST. In addition I would like you to use Catherine Speck as one of the references because she talked about this point. these references can help you some of them not all. it is not crucial to use these references but Catherine Speck can be helpful reference for my presentation topic. one more thing please if you can write the presentation as I want to speak, not as an essay. Chanin, Eileen. ‘Making Sydney Modern’ (Review essay), Modernism/modernity, Vol 21, No.2, (April 2014): 547-556. https://muse-jhu-edu.access.library.unisa.edu.au/article/548001 Crombie, Isobel. Body Culture: Max Dupain, Photography and Australian Culture, 1919-1939, (2004) Peleus Press/NGV Elias, Ann. ‘Camouflage and the Half-Hidden History of Max Dupain in War’, History of Photography, 33, No.4 (2009): 370-382 Ottley, Dianne. Grace Crowley’s Contribution to Australian Modernism and Geometric Abstraction, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2010). e-book Peers, Juliette. ‘The Canon and its discontents: Women Artists as Drivers of Early Art Historical Activities and Alternative Art Historical Narratives in Australia’, Journal of Art Historiography, 4 (June 2011): 1 -18 Quin, Sally. “Towards a Global Discourse: ‘Making Modernism'”, Art Monthly Australia, Issue 296 (March 2016): 50-51 Speck, Catherine. ‘Significant Women Artists of the South Australian School of Art’, University of South Australia Art Museum, Underdale (1997): 6

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