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Apple case study

Paper details:
Course: International business strategy
This assignment you have to read the case study and answer the questions giving.

I would just write down the questions

1, what do you think was the main reason for iPhone’s success in America
2, With tough competition from Nokia, HTC and blackberry. do you think the iPhone is as successful in Europe as in America? if not, why not?
3, Could you help Apple to formulate a strategy and a marketing plan for Europe?
4, Do you think Apple’s pricing is helping it to achieve market share? was dropping the price a good strategy?

Though this questions are in the case study, i decided to type them out for you to see.

I am an undergraduate. This is a 2000 words essay minus the referencing, and we use Harvard style of referencing. intext citation please use this website for that www.citethisforme.com Harvard style too.

Please i want useful graphs, diagrams, pictures just to make this Essay better than the rest of my mates. please reference the diagrams too, don’t forget to include 4ps(price, place, product, promotion) in the cause of writing the essay.

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