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application:Assessing Leadership Models

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application:Assessing Leadership Models

As Dr. Claudia Fernandez and Dr. David Steffen explained in this week’s video program, leadership models offer a helpful blueprint for your growth as a leader, but there is no one model that is right for everyone. Instead, you must find the model that resonates best with you.
Review this list of 13 books on leadership models, and find out more about each one by reading summaries or reviews online or by browsing in a bookstore.
• Leadership Models Book List
As you do this search, reflect on which style of leadership resonates with you the most and why. Select the book that resonates with you and interests you the most, and read sections of it to get a better sense of its theories and approaches. You will be asked to read this book and write a book report on it for your Week 8 Application Assignment.
For this week’s Application, however, answer the following questions based on what you know about the book so far as well as on your Learning Resources this week about the effectiveness of leadership styles:
• Identify the book you have chosen and why you chose it.
• In what ways do the author’s theories or approaches seem to resonate with your perspective of leadership?
• Select one of the public health leaders mentioned in this week’s video program or readings, and identify a leadership style that you think describes him or her, explaining why you think so. (This need not be the same leadership style as in the book you have selected.)
• In what ways would this individual’s leadership style be effective or ineffective in public health? Provide support for your views.
• What criteria would you use to assess the effectiveness of that style in that situation? Describe the criteria.

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