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Applied Industry Practice

Course Description
This is the designated Work Integrated Learning (WIL) course of the MBA program and includes two modules:
(i) a company project: students conduct an in-company project, as a team; reporting and presenting to managers.
(ii) careers planning: students are provided with a clear understanding of the current and anticipated trends in the global employment market and the skills, attitudes and techniques needed for a successful career and to maintain future employability with lifelong learning and personal development.
Topics from lectures: (I will upload all the lectures slides for you)
1. Overview
2. Ethical research design
3. Different work environments
4. Applied research philosophies
5. Power, influence, advocacy
6. Project management, data presentation
7. Reflect progress, pitch
8. Progress milestone, challenge
9. Demographic implications, careers
10. Career disruptions, global issues
11. Who are you, who could you be

Assignment 2: Career influencers
(30% of course total, Week 8.  Submit to TurnItIn)


Career influencers:
Research the research the key topics from lectures* and reflect on which three you believe are likely to influence your career development most.  Write 1500 words (Max) highlighting how you could combine an approach around these three interrelated aspects to enhance your development and career choices, referring to academic literature and your individual career plan.

* Career disruptors, redundancy, discrimination, harassment, self-advocacy, power, influence, politics, workplace relations, professional standards, workplace diversity, global trends, demographics, psychometric profilers, behaviour, culture, different types of workplace.

Your task is to define the three topics and explain their relevance to ensuring long term performance in the business area of your chosen career, highlighting the inter-relationships between them.
Your research should draw on at least 5 articles from peer-reviewed academic journals and 5 articles from other sources (internet postings, newspaper articles, magazine articles, personal correspondence, corporate documents etc). All source materials must be fully referenced at the end of your wiki page using Harvard format. This article needs to be both reflective and academically robust.

Key research questions to be considered are:
What are the accepted definitions of these topics?
How are they inter-related within the context of your career?
What actions should be taken to effectively manage (or leverage) these topics?

Marking guidelines:

The assignment should be written in a business research report format.  Strong introductions must be written to set the context of the report so the reader understands what you are trying to achieve with the article.  Ensure you finish with a strong conclusion that reinforces the key characteristics and impact these topics have and back up statements made in the body of the report with academic references and other evidence.

In assessing the report the following criteria will be taken into account:

Content selection, intro and referencing    30%
Analysis, reflection & conclusions    40%
Writing mechanics (structure and flow)    15%
Reflection & conclusions on own career    15%

The final article must be posted into TurnItIn no later than the assignment deadline.  A signed cover page confirming the submission is your own work must be given to the lecturer on or before the due date.

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