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Applying for middle school science teacher

Paper details:

I have been out of teaching since 2008 and am looking to go back in the Fall of 2016. I am applying for biology teaching positions at the middle school level. I would like help in developing a general cover letter that correlates with my previous job experiences. I really need help with writing the second paragraph about what makes me such a dynamic candidate based on my experiences.

The format I am looking for is:

Opening Paragraph. Attract attention. Clearly state the reason for writing, naming that I am applying for a middle school science position. Identify that I heard of the opening through the educator website, SchoolSpring.

Second Paragraph. State my reason for writing this particular employer. Specify concrete reasons for the type of work you desire. Highlight: my skills; my goals; and/or how my education, experiences and other qualifications support my capacity to succeed in this job (in this organization.) Describe what I can do for the school system. Basically, I want to emphasize my key qualifications.

Closing Paragraph. Restate my interest by indicating my availability for a personal interview. End on a strong note. Indicate my resume is enclosed.

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