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Are any of the texts ‘problematic’? Why?

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DVD 2 Part 4 FIGHTER PILOTS SKETCH , DVD 2 Part 4 FARMERS’ SEMINAR,RESEARCH CENTRE MEETING, Chapter 6 from the Grammar Set Book- Exploring English Grammar : From formal to functional and Chapter one of the Course Reader (Applied Linguistics Methods: A Reader “Language, register and genre” by Jim Martin. Please make sure that you read the above transcripts and Chapter 6 from the Set book and Chapter 1 from the Course reader to help you with your assignment.

a) What is the context? What is the interaction about?

b) Is the text written or spoken

c) What are the speakers/writers trying to achieve? What is the function or purpose of the interaction?

d) Are any of the texts ‘problematic’? Why?

Text 1
Excellent and freindly host. The room, although a bit small was superbly fitted out, modern, clean, luxury lines. The breakfast basket was well done, and the kitchenette was very handy. Location to the main city of Oxford was good being a reasonable walk or a short bus trip. The street was charming as well, and well back from the main road – so road noise was non-existant.

Text 2
In C19th they believe that brain size and skull shape can be used to determine criminal behaviour this claim was unspeakable and also Eugenics claimed in the early C20th that as scientist studied the nature to determine the causes of illness that they should be able to do the same for the causes of crime in which he claimed that there are certain peoples that fall into this category e.g. the mentally ill, poor, foreigners and disable people, so they are with genetic defect that make them impure and a threat to the healthy society.

Text 3
I am sorry I can no come Tuesday. I must go to hospital. Is it OK Wednesday? We need more kitchen cleaner. See you – Va.

Text 4
If you’re looking to simply re-invest your balance and any interest it’s earned we’ve made it even easier. To open a new ISA Fixed all you need to do is visit www.halifax.c.uk/maturities and confirm your instructions at least five working days before your maturity date.

Text 5
‘Jaymeeee!’ Jamie was halfway across the lawn, ready to vault over the hedge, when his mother’s call halted him.

Below is an example of a Text and the answers to the questions. Please use this sample question to help you with your assignment.

Text: Rinse your mouth and we’ll wait for that to take affect.

What is the context? What is the interaction about?
a) In a dentist’s surgery. The dentist is giving instructions to the patient.

Evidence: Specialised lexis -‘rinse your mouth’; ‘that’ (the anaesthetic?) ‘to take effect’

Is the text written or spoken?
b) Spoken.

Evidence: Use of the first person and a contraction- ‘we’ll’. These features minimise social distance, but the language is ‘professional’/role-driven.

What are the speakers/writers trying to achieve? What is the function or purpose of the interaction?
c) This is ‘language as action’.

Are any of the texts ‘problematic’? Why?
d) This text is not problematic as both participants understand the context and the language expected. There is exophoric reference (e.g. ‘that’) where ‘anaesthetic’ is not mentioned in the text but is understood by the context. There is a power imbalance: the dentist is managing the conversation (determining the topic and taking longer turns) and is giving instructions. The patient is obeying the instructions.

Evidence: The dentist is giving instructions/explanations to the patient so that the patient takes certain actions to effect the treatment. The dentist and patient are playing certain social roles.

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