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Are workers who are happy more productive workers? Review evidence in the literature.

One key reference to get you started. – Hosie, P., Sevastos, P., & Cooper, C. L. (2007). The ‘happy productive worker thesis’ and Australian managers. Journal of Human Values, 13(2), 151–176.

However, you will need to incorporate additional relevant references from high quality scholarly journals in the field of Organisation Behaviour. The expectation is that you will have 20 references (or more) cited, of which at least 15 (excluding the starter reference) must be sourced in outstanding scholarly management journals ranked A* or A by the Australian Business Dean’s Council (ABDC) Journal Ranking List, 2013 (see www.abdc.edu.au/pages/abdc-journal-quality-list-2013.html ).

Based on your analysis, (a) present and defend your own views on this topic; (b) suggest a research question that needs to be addressed, and (c) how you will address the gap of you were to undertake a study.

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