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APA Argumentative Essay

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Write an essay of 1000-1250 words on one of the topics below. This assignment allows you either to undertake library research to critically analyze influences
associated with television or to do “fieldwork” on the effect of television on the lives of friends or family members. Contact your tutor to discuss your approach and
possible sources.

Informed Consent and Protection of Privacy: If you choose to do write an informal essay on the influence of television on a specific person (other than yourself), you
must explain the assignment and obtain the person’s permission to use him/her as a subject. You must also protect the anonymity of your informant(s) in your essay.
Informed consent and protection of privacy are important principles of research with human subjects.

Citation: If you include any information obtained from an external source (i.e., not considered general common knowledge), you must include correct citations and a
References list in APA Style.


Write an argumentative essay that discusses the main influence of television as a technology, an aesthetic medium, or a social force (choose one of these three
Write an informal essay on the influence of television on yourself, members of your family, one or more of your friends, or society as a whole.

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