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Article Analysis

Using the Baronet article, (SEE ATTACHED) build an argument regarding how the author used logical positivism to frame the research study on caregiving. In your argument, address the following:

1. Compare the ontological, axiological, and epistemological assumptions that the author made in this study. Support your comparison with specific examples from the article.

2. Discuss the research method the author used to validate and build knowledge in the area of caregiving, and explain how this method makes sense given the ontological, axiological, and epistemological assumptions.

3. Explain if the hypotheses were confirmed or disconfirmed.

4. The eight characteristics of science (empirical, systematic, theoretical, provisional, public, objective, self-reflective, and open-ended process) were presented. Review them and select three of the characteristics, analyzing how each of these characteristics are demonstrated, or not demonstrated, in the article. Use specific examples to substantiate your analysis.

5. Cite your sources using APA 6th edition guidelines.

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