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Article Critique (Randomized clinical Trial)

Paper details:
Assignment: (Verbal) Paper Discussion – scientific article critique
– 10 minutes in length

– Topic: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3432575/

– Objective: critique the article, author’s writing, methods, study designs, objectively & subjectively summarizing results of article, what analysis approach(es) used?, specific intervention delivered?, and tons more

PLEASE FOLLOW THIS OUTLINE BELOW WHEN WRITING PAPER, and please write it as a speech (I will read off of it as a prompt), and answer ALL the points – they are very important grading points.


1. SUMMARIZE the paper, major points, talk about the sample(s), purpose, results, discussion, opinion

2. Talk about Randomized Trials and their limitations in general. THEN talk about how this article has limitations in its Randomized Trial (I’m not entirely sure this is a Randomized trial though!! If it’s not, make you judgement!)

3. Critique
– of significance
– present problem, then gap in literature, with your opinion (lack of study? lack of effective intervention study? lack of associations?)
– highlight need t do intervention studies
– make judgement on significance of paper
4. Other important points you MUST critique
– sample (size, significance)
– representatives
– validity
-retention/attrition rates
– confounding
– how it misinterpreted or can misinterpret results
– future directions/room for improvement? alternate strategies?

-Is it an optimal design?
-Get examples from papers on Discussion section
-How do they interpret results in the paper? enough or not?
-Is it consistent or inconsistent results? why inconsistent?
-Talk about additional theories needed
-Limitations on design? on sample? on approach?
-Alternate feasible strategy?
-Confounding? ( how it misinterprets or can misinterpret results. -ANALYZE!)
-Did the author comprehensively discuss limitations?
-Future directions?
-Public health implications?

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