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Assessment 1 brief Employability In Action
Submission details:


Method: The assessment must be up loaded onto Moodle on or before 23:55 hours on the datestated above (Assessments will not be accepted by email, the onus is on every individual student to ensure their individual assessment is submitted via Moodle)

The document must be loaded on one document in PDF or word, DO NOT zip drive your submission s these take longer to open.

Penalties will apply for late submissions unless the Programme Leader has granted an extension

Layout/Presentation: Aerial font with a 1.5 spacing between the sentences and paragraphs

Module Title: Employability In Action
Module Code: B8LL100
Module Leader: Ray Whelan
Stage (if relevant):
Assessment Title: Psychometric Test- analysis & reflection Mentor & HR Advice – Report, Reflection, Evidence &Actions
Assessment Number (if relevant): 1
Assessment Type: Individual written
Restrictions on Time/Length : +/- 10% 500 words + – 10%
Individual/Group: Individual
Assessment Weighting: 20% broken down into 10% assessment and 10% participation
Issue Date:
Hand In Date:
Planned Feedback Date:
Mode of Submission: Moodle
This assessment is in one part as follows:

Title: Reflective journal, the individual student will reflect back on the activities conducted in class as follows:

? Kims game
? Marshmallow challenge
? Belbin teams role ( linked this to your role within the groups formed for the various exercises)
? Personality assessment
? Strengths and weakness
? Work turn on and offs

Some points you may want to consider whilst writing your reflection (these points are guidelines only)

• What was the exercise brief (did I understand the instructions if not, why didn’t I?) what did you think the purpose of the exercise was?
• How did I preform in the team, was my Belbin assessment correct (what do you mean here – do you mean does the student agree with the assessment? )Am I actually a team player, am I a leader or follower, did I sit back and let others do the work
• What did I learn about myself during this exercise? What do I need to change and what’s my plan to do so
• How will what I learnt change my behaviour in the future. Previous experience can predict future behaviour.
Presentation 20%
Structure/Layout/referencing 30%
Reflective content 50%

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