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Assessment Task Requirement

Drawing on the first assessment on your research proposal powerpoint presentation and the feedback you have received for the task, refine your proposal in a written format.
The genre of a research proposal is a persuasive text, which highlights some of the purpose and choices that you make in your proposal. Research proposals have a number of core functions that draw  the attention of readers, as they evaluate the strength, robustness, and feasibility of the whole research proposal.
Draw on suggested readings for your research topic and include your own research for wider reading on critical literature review on your research topic, research methodology, theoretical framework, analytical processes and research applications.

There may be some variation in the order of sections, the following should be included (refer to your research presentation).
1.    Introduction to the research topic and the warrant or importance of the research topic to the research field.
2.    Outline of the specific research question/s or topic
3.    Critical summary of the literature relevant to the question or topic (which may include discussion about methods and methodologies selected in research related to your topic).
4.    Overview of the theoretical framework that underpins your research proposal.
5.    Discussion of methodology and methods that will be drawn  on in the proposed research
6.    Outline of the analytic processes and tools that will be used to make sense of the data that as been collected or constructed.
7.    Overview of potential ethical concerns that may relate to this research proposal, and how these concerns might be addressed.
8.    Proposed timeline for your research. (refer to the timeline stated on the powerpoint presentation)
9.    The written text must be in Australian English.
10.    Please make sure you follow the APA-Referencing guide. All in-text references must be found on the reference list and vice versa.
It is will be expected that there is development in the argument and detail from the research presentation (assessment #1), and that the analytic processes and ethical considerations in particular are developed more fully. There is a written research proposal example for your reference.

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