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Assignment 4 – Data Analysis
In this assignment, you are asked to put together a short 2 page data analysis plan relating to your topic. Please refer to the course outline for dates.
In this final assignment, include the following: How you will deal with your data, e.g., get the data ready Discuss operations (e.g., statistical) and how you will (or can) present it Describe any issues that can occur
Please make sure don’t copy from any website because the professor he will check the all works.
This is Assignment 3
Research Design Plan
Data Collection Methods
The data collection method will be primary for this assignment and qualitative in nature. The research will be qualitative, which means it will be exploratory. Qualitative research seeks to understand motivations, opinions and the underlying reasons. It gives insight into the development of a hypothesis and consequent quantitative study. It is, therefore, best applicable in situations that require detailed explanations, especially in regards to behavioural or scholarly studies. Unlike quantitative studies that involve the imposition of manipulated variables and the researcher’s definition of variables, qualitative studies let the participants define variables. This research methodology has been chosen for this particular case because the researcher needs to understand motivations and underlying reasons of employee behaviour, as well as their opinions on the issue of human resource management.
The principal method of data collection will be through face-to-face interviews that will be recorded. The interview questions will be open-ended to allow respondents to give their personal experiences and opinions on employment matters. Open questions have the advantage of presenting information that is completely a result of the participant’s opinion and not tainted or restricted by the researcher’s interpretation. Qualitative data collection is also considered more objective because, unlike quantitative methods where responses are controlled and constrained in particular choice answers, responses are entirely uncontrolled by the researchers.
The second method of data collection will be quantitative in nature and will entail the use of surveys. Studies will be carried out on mobile apps and computers, as they will be disbursed through a web-based software program. The question will be structured nominally to collect statistical information such as the percentages of unhappy employees against satisfied ones, and the rate of staff turnover among others. Surveys are advantageous because they are easy to analyze and relatively less time-consuming; therefore, they can be taken by as many participants as possible.
Sample Size Determination
The population in this research study comprises of employees of fast food companies, especially of international companies such as KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Burger King. The sample will be selected randomly for the interviews. Certain parameters will be included in the sample size determination to ensure representativeness. The participant will have to meet two requirements: must work for the company for at least eight months, and have a clean police record. A sample size of 200 people will be interviewed. It will be made up of 50 participants from each of the fast food restaurants mentioned above. Of the 50 participants, ten will be managers and team leaders.
Ethical Considerations
Ethical considerations during the research include acquiring informed consent from the participants, ensuring that the foundational values of research, which are the promotion of truth, avoidance of
error, and prioritization of knowledge. Informed consent involves having the participants being aware that their opinions and responses are going to be used as data for a research study. Data must not be collected through coercion or force, and interviewing must not infringe in the participants’ choice. Researchers are obligated to uphold these principles deliberately. Falsification, fabrication, plagiarism and deliberate misrepresentation of data is considered unethical. Researchers also have the responsibility of ensuring that the data they collect and use is credible, authentic and accurate to the best of their knowledge .Failure to make efforts to determine the validity and reliability of data is considered negligent and unethical.
In this case, validity and reliability will be tested through triangulation methods. Triangulation of sources will be applied during the interviewing and survey process in a bid to collect data from different sources on the same topic to gain different perspectives on the same topics. Data may also be compared to secondary sources, such as credible case studies, to determine whether certain concepts are corroborated or whether the data is contradictory. Contradictions may be a sign of error or inadequate information that would necessitate the need to dig deeper and collect more information.
Data Analysis
Data will be analyzed through grouping, and coding. The ANOVA method will be used as an analysis tool for data from the interview. Data grouping based on themes and patterns will begin at the data collection stage. Given the nature of the questionnaire, the analysis may take longer than the other research processes.
Interview Questions
1. Are you satisfied with all your current employment terms? [1] Yes [2] No
2. What aspects of your work are you dissatisfied with?
3. Why are you unhappy with these areas?
4. What in your opinion could be done to improve these areas?
5. What aspects of your employment are you satisfied with?
6. Why do you find these elements satisfactory?
Research Design Map
Purpose of the Study- to determine the reasons underlying employee dissatisfaction and high staff turnover
Minimal interference in a controlled study setting
Research Strategies
1. Interviews
2. Surveys
3. Case studies
Units of Analysis
– Individuals
Sampling Method – Random selection
– Grouping and Coding
– Interpretation of results
Fast Food restaurant are wraught with high staff turnovers because of employee dissatisfaction

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