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Assignment Task for Unit: Developing own leadership capability using action learning
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The purpose of this unit is to enable you to understand the principles of action learning and to participate actively in an action learning set to help develop your leadership capability.

The task requires you to prepare an action plan to develop your leadership performance, attend action learning sets for a minimum of 20 hours, identify and complete development objectives and maintain a learning log that tracks the leadership journey undertaken.

The learning log must be presented as part of the assignment.

You may want to relate your answers to an organisation that you work in. If you are not currently working within an organisation, then you may complete this task in relation to an organisation with which you are familiar. This could include experience working in a voluntary capacity.
You should plan to spend approximately 60 hours researching your workplace context, preparing for and writing or presenting the outcomes of this assignment for assessment. The ‘nominal’ word count for this assignment is 2000 words: the suggested range is between 1500 and 2500 words.

Check your assignment carefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria.

Please use the sub-headings shown below when structuring your Assignment    Assessment Criteria
Understand the role of action learning in developing own leadership capability:

Explain how you can benefit from being part of an action learning set to help you achieve your goals, outline what an action learning set is, how it operates and why it is particularly useful in developing leadership performance.
Place particular emphasis on explaining your own responsibilities in ensuring the effectiveness of the action learning process including confidentiality and respect for others values and beliefs and avoidance of behaviours that can be damaging to the effectiveness of the action learning set.

Note: This could be submitted as the introduction to your learning log.

•    Explain the nature and benefits of action learning (8 marks)
•    Explain the responsibilities of an individual within an action learning set or group including confidentiality and respect for others (4 marks)
Be able to use action learning to plan and monitor the leadership journey
Using the outcomes from your Leadership Reflective Review or other sources, summarise your strengths and limitations as a leader, and set yourself goals to improve your performance. These should be included in your learning log.
Plan for and participate in action learning sets.
Over the period in which you are a member of the action learning set you should complete a learning log that includes a record of action learning set meetings attended including:

•    those ‘problems’ that you brought to the set;
•    the actions that you agreed to take with the rest of the set’;
•    how you put those agreed actions into effect; and
•    how effective they were in helping you to improve your leadership performance.

NOTE: This log must be presented as part of the assignment.

•    Identify own leadership strengths and limitations based on an assessment of own leadership behaviours and potential (12 marks)
•    Set personal goals for an extended action learning intervention (8 marks)
•    Prepare individual action learning plans for involvement in action learning sessions for a minimum of twenty hours (12 marks)
•    Complete planned actions to improve leadership (16 marks)
•    Monitor and record own participation in action learning sessions (16 marks)
Be able to review effectiveness of action learning in the development of own leadership capability

At the end of the period during which the action learning set has been planned to operate, review the goals you set for yourself to improve your performance. Assess how well they have been achieved and in what ways your performance as a leader has improved.
Use this information to identify follow up actions required.

NOTE: This log could be submitted as the conclusion to your learning log.

•    Use feedback from others and own personal reflections to review the effectiveness of action learning undertaken (16 marks)
•    Identify follow up actions required to continue the leadership journey (8 marks)

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