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Attitudes and social cognition

Task A. Answer the following learning objectives

1.    Define social psychology.

2.    Define attitudes and their role in predicting future behaviour.

3.    Define persuasion and review the influence of the five components of persuasion.

4.    Describe the social cognitive processes people use to try and understand themselves and others. Include one of the following:

a.    First impressions
b.    Stereotypes and prejudice
c.    In-groups and out-groups
d.    Attribution processes

Task B: Analyze and evaluate an advertisement

Choose either a poster or a TV advertisement and analyse its effectiveness in terms of the five elements of persuasion research: source, message, medium, receiver, and context.

To help the marker understand your commentary, please post an image or the webpage of the ad. Any will do, the following ad was an award winner for audience recall which can be used for this task

Task C. Either describe the most interesting/surprising aspect of the chapter or apply (or explain) some aspect of this material to your life (or your future work life).

Each assessment involves the following three tasks:
1.    Task A: Answer the learning objectives [about 100 words per objective – usually four (4), so that’s 100 x 4 = 400 words].
2.    Task B: Complete a tutorial or online activity with specific questions to be answered [about 200 words]
3.    Task C. In about 100 words, apply (or explain) some aspect of this material to your life (or your future life).

Burton, L., Westen, D., &Kowlaski, R. (2015). Psychology (4th ed.). Milton, Australia: John Wiley. You can use either the 3rd or 4th edition, but the 4th edition, which is the latest edition is recommended.

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