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Australia has often been called ‘the Lucky Country’. Has Australia been lucky or good?

–    General requirement (Essential)
: This assessment is from Globalization the Asia-Pacific and Australia
: Essay should contain more than 1800 words and fewer than 2200 words
: Essays should be double-spaced and have wide (at least 3 cm) margins
: The essay must contain at least three critical secondary sources (List will be provided)
: Essays should conform to standard academic conventions. In other words, you need to reference appropriately and provide a bibliography.
: Internet sources need to be properly references
: Resources need to be opened resources
: Resources are mainly form AUS
: The Matching rate from Safeassign should not be exceed 5%
–    Contents of Essay (Essential)
: The argument position must be taken for topic if AUS lucky or not
: The reasons for argument should be appeared For example if you choose AUS has been lucky, the reasons that AUS has been lucky must be included
: Main body should support main argument
: The opposite argument is required to strengthen main argument
: Introduction should be clear including argument and overall reasons
: Conclusion should be clear including whole summary of main arguments and reasons
: Proper references are required, which is relating to topic and argument
–    List of resources (You must need at least 3 references from this list)
–    ABC Television (2001) “Episode 1 Child of the Empire”, 100 Years: The Australian Story <http://www.abc.net.au/100years/PRE_EP1.htm>. (versions available on YouTube)
–    ABC Television (2001) “Episode 3 The Land of the Fair Go”, 100 Years: The Australian Story <http://www.abc.net.au/100years/PRE_EP3.htm>.

–    ABC Television (2001) “Episode 5 Farewell Great and Powerful Friends”, 100 Years: The Australian Story <http://abc.net.au/100years/PRE_EP5.htm>.

–    Bowen, C. (2013) “Labor: Managing the Economic Transition”, Address to the National Press Club of Australia, Canberra, 18 July <http://ministers.treasury.gov.au/DisplayDocs.aspx?doc=speeches/2013/002.htm&pageID=005&min=cebb&Year=&DocType=>.

–    Bryan, D. and M. Rafferty (1999) The Global Economy in Australia: Global Integration and National Economic Policy, Sydney, Allen & Unwin.

–    Buzan, B. (1998) “The Asia-Pacific: What Sort of Region in What Sort of World?” in A. McGrew and C. Brook (eds) Asia-Pacific in the New World Order, London, Routledge.

–    Casey, R. (1931) Australia in the World, Melbourne, Robertson & Mullen. <http://digital.slv.vic.gov.au/view/action/singleViewer.do?dvs=1393818764455~36&locale=en_US&metadata_object_ratio=10&show_metadata=true&preferred_usage_type=VIEW_MAIN&frameId=1&usePid1=true&usePid2=true>.

–    Conley (2014) “Australia in the World” in A. Fenna, J. Robbins and J. Summers (eds) Government and Politics in Australia, Sydney, Pearson.

–    Conley, T, (2010) “The Politics of Prosperity”, Griffith Review, 28.

–    Conley, T. (2001) “The Domestic Politics of Globalisation”, Australian Journal of Political Science, 36(2).

–    Conley, T. (2002) “Globalisation as Constraint and Opportunity: The Restructuring of the Australian Political Economy”, Global Society, 16(4).

–    Conley, T. (2004) “Globalisation and the Politics of Persuasion and Coercion”, Australian Journal of Social Issues, 39(2), pp. 183-200.

–    Conley, T. (2007) “Globalisation and the Transformation of the Australian Political Economy” in G. Curran & E. van Acker (eds) Globalising Government Business Relations, Sydney, Pearson.
–    Conley, T. (2011) “Australia’s Economic Vulnerabilities Revisited”, Big P Political Economy, 17 June <http://tomjconley.blogspot.com/2011/06/australias-economic-vulnerabilities.html
–    Edey, M. (2007) “Australia in the Global Economy”, Address to the Australia & Japan Economic Outlook Conference, Sydney, 16 March <http://www.rba.gov.au/Speeches/2007/sp_ag_160307.html>.

–    Edwards, J. (2014) Beyond the Boom, Sydney, Lowy Institute.

–    Franklin, M. (2010) “Hard Work, Not Luck, the Australian Way: Rudd”, The Australian, 27 January <http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/hard-work-not-luck-the-aussie-way-rudd/story-e6frg6nf-1225823752286>.

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