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i) Critically analyse the theoretical and ideological underpinnings of the policy approach taken by the Australian Government in relation to housing. (1500 words) ii) Develop a framework that would support the various points of intervention available to a human services worker for influencing the outcomes for the specific target group. (500 words including framework table) iii) Identify the theoretical underpinnings of your approach to influencing social policy as this relates to humanitarian and community workers and outcomes for disadvantaged populations. (1000 words) (the Rationale to influence the social policy should reflect ACWA code) This should be purely Australia Social Policy!! Use the below link to search for recent policies on housing https://www.dss.gov.au/housing-support Use these references and others Carson, E. and Kerr, L. (2014 or 2018) Chapter 9. Housing, in Australian Social Policy and the Human Services. Cambridge University Press Jamrozik, A.

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