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Automatic identification of familiar faces, Attention, Perception and Psychophysics

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THE ARTICLE: Jung, K., Ruthruff, E., & Gaspelin, N. (2013). Automatic identification of familiar faces, Attention, Perception and Psychophysics, 75, pp. 1438–1450. The students will critically review the corresponding assigned article from each current week. The students will use 12 point font and APA formatting on their 3.5 pages of typewritten work. Any students caught plagiarizing from the abstract of the article or copying another student’s summary will get a zero and grounds for failure in the course. Guidelines of writing the Weekly Article Summaries and Reflections: Each summary for each article should be 1.5 pages long. 1)If the article is a research study, you must identify (a) the hypothesis being tested, (b) the research methods (this includes identifying the Independent Variable(s), Dependent Variable(s), and the method(s) of measuring the dependent variable, and (c) identifying 2 key results or implications of the study. 2)If the article is a literature review, you must identify and elaborate upon 6 key claims or concepts from the literature review. The 6 claims must sample from the entire article rather than just initial sections of the article. The reflection for each article should be 2 pages long. The reflection will compare and contrast the empirical information covered in the research article with the Cognitive and Affective theories and concepts covered during the lectures, discussion prompts or textbook readings. **This weeks reading and discussions was on eyewitness testimony, the article can be tied to that using various peer reviewed articles.

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