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Best Practices Research: Project Scope Management
Order Description
Find an industry or journal article describing best practices for scope management. Summarize the article.

There are two files to help you develop the summary:

1. How-To_Summarize_a_research_article.pdf — this article describes the process for summarizing a journal article. Read this before you begin developing the summary.

2. Journal Article Summary Worksheet — use this worksheet to organize your thoughts.

Summary Essays are to be 2-3 pages and follow the requirments below:

Created using the Times New Roman 12 pt. font.
Include your name, the date, and the chapter number at the top of the page.
Include the question as well as your response.
Include APA formatted citations.
Include page numbers on all documents.

Points to Consider:
What is the research question and why is it interesting?
What is the hypotheses tested?
What methods were used (i.e., design, participants, materials, procedure)?
What was manipulated? What was measured?

Describe the results. Were they significant?

Explain the key implications of the results.
Do the results and the interpretation of the results relate to the hypothesis?

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