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Bi-Polar Disorder

Research and write an approximately 1500 word paper on one of the mental disorders described in your reading II. Introduction to Mental Disorders. Be sure it is about an individual disorder; for example, anorexia nervosa, not on eating disorders in general. A 1500 word paper would be approximately 5 full pages as the main body, double-spaced, using 12 sized standard font. You should use at least 3 or more separate reliable sources or references for your paper.

Format of Research Paper
You must organize your paper using the appropriate headings presented in boldface type in the left margin below. Use these headings exactly as listed.

Title of Your Paper (Centered on page)

Your Name (Centered on page)

Nature of Disorder
In this section, describe the disorder generally, historical information about the disorder, how often it occurs, possible causes of the disorder, etc.

Signs and Symptoms of the Disorder
In this section, provide the specific criteria on how the disorder is diagnosed and the specific signs and symptoms that might be observed or reported for the disorder. Use ordinary descriptive language, not technical jargon. Any technical terms need to be defined.

Treatments for the Disorder
In this section, describe the treatments currently used for the disorder that might be effective. Include any drug or other biological treatments, psychotherapy, group methods, training, or other interventions used to treat the disorder.

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