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Biochemistry Paper

WEEK 12 RESEARCH PROJECT This week instead of the usual quiz and writing assignment, we are asking the students to do some research/application of the Biochemical principles that they have been studying. You are required to look at a biochemical topic from the list below – and write a paper, largely in your own words, describing the chemical aspects of that topic. This means that you will delve into the organic chemistry in many instances, and you will describe structure/activity relationships. ** I specifically do not want a book report – or a collection of articles that you found. I want to know what you know, what you understand. ** The student will first chose one of the topics below, or a relevant Biochemistry topic of their own choosing. Students my chose from the list of topics below. 1. The benefits of replacing essential fatty acids with fish oils 2. Chemical bases of obesity 3. Vitamin and mineral content in vegetarian diets 4. Biochemically, we are what we eat. 5. Is cholesterol really all bad? 6. Biochemical aspects of Vitamin B Deficiency At least 5 pages. APA format.

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