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biological data

You will collect and analyse some biological data in order to answer a biological
question. These data may be in the form of observations or experimental
measurements that you yourself have collected, or else taken from internet
resources. We strongly encourage you to formulate your own question that you wish
to test and the practical session in Week 6 is there to help you achieve this and
provide feedback for you. However, at the end of this document, we have suggested
some experiments or online data sets, and relevant questions, that you may wish to
test if you cannot think of an appropriate thing to measure and test yourself.
You can work in groups of up to three students – so either by yourself or with one or
two other students. When you’ve collected and analysed the data you will need to
write a report about what you have done. NOTE: Even if you have been doing this as
a group project, you should each write a report in your own words.
Either by yourself, or with your group, plan a simple experiment or set of
observations. Your study will take one of two forms: either

a) examine the difference between the mean measurements taken from two or

more groups/samples.

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