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i 1- focus on just one mystic
2- write  1 or 2 poems, in some depth.
3- biography research is allowed in MLA protocol.

write about one of the mystic that on the book called “Love poem from God.” i DONOT want a summery. i write “My point of view” about what is written about the mystic. if i like it or not. and please make sure to get all the next

1. write something that make a point, have a thesis, or at least a main idea in this paper
2.  support its point with direct evidence (quotes or anecdotes) from the text in this paper
3.  show the reader’s genuine response to the text by interacting with an issue the text raises in this paper
4.  show the writer’s personal investment by relating the reader-response to the student’s real life in this paper
5.  have a comment on or fulfill course objectives related to international cultural significance, issues, and values in this paper
6.  meet the deadline. and not go too far past the suggested maximum (1400 words)
7.  avoid summarizing in this paper
8.  avoid plagiarizing in this paper
9.  have an original title that reflects the student’s creativity in this paper
10.  have a freely express at least one opinion the student has about the content of the text in this paper

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