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* The assignment is to create a blog online on… wordpress.com
* Here’s the username and password you will use

1- Your blog will have to include a name, a theme/focus, at least 10 entries (3 of which have to be at least 350 words of original content), information about the author (((feel free to create things up, no problem)))), a functioning RSS link, links to/from other social media and social networks, effective visuals or audio/video to accompany posts, internal links, relevant outbound links, a Blogroll with at least 10 other blogs and a number of widgets. I will be following your blogs throughout the semester. The work you have put over time and the efforts you have made in building your audience will be reflected on your grades.

2- The assignment instructions ATTACHED, please follow it CAREFULLY.

3- Your topic will be on “Health and Fitness”…you have 10 entries to post…so you can expand your topic for ex: ( you can talk about nutrients, supplements, good diet, advices….you will find alot of ideas when it comes to gym health fitness…feel free to talk about any as long as you’re focusing on your main topic!

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